Part botanical workshop, part flavour exploration. Wild Alchemy Sessions will explore our roots back to nature, our ancestry of foraging for food and medicine, tuning into the seasons and getting into a rhythm of picking, preserving and herbal preparations.

Alchemy is the ancient practice of transmutation. We are able to work with elements of nature to transform them for the benefit of body and mind. It is rooted in an understanding of the subtle energetics of our dynamic universe.   We will investigate the ways in which we need to nourish and preserve this living vitality in our ingredients and connect back to our food source.

Monthly at 42 Acres Shoreditch




Experiential exploration of the solar system through taste, smell and sound, in collaboration with astrochemist and perfumer Marina Barcenilla and Tim Digby-Bell of Animal Husbandry

Apiary Studios


Edible poems, poetic elixirs and medicinal cocktails for the mind, heart and soul to celebrate William Sieghart's Poetry Pharmacy
Private event

Second Home

Plant identification workshop, botanical elixirs, amuse bouche, three-course meal & herbal remedy bags.

42 Acres Shoreditch

A night in the forest paying homage to the wisdom of trees.

MX banquet foraged from, and in response to, the surrounding nature.

Live music, acrobatics & botanical cocktail bar.

5 Course tasting menu

  A non-profit experience, each ticket plants a tree with the Woodland Trust.

Secret location near Frome, Somerset.



For pre and post natal women.

Treatments & consultations + MX elixirs & botanical brunch.

Sen Wellness Clinic

Evolutionary Banquet as part of Deep Time Dive retreat with Dr Stephan Harding.

A culinary odyssey through the cosmic and ethnobotanic evolution of our planet.

From the Big Bang, photosynthesis, cell division and the metamorphosis of insects

to the final arrival of man and the crafts of hunting, gathering, fire, tools & agriculture.

Dartmoor National Park.

Change in Nature



An immersive regeneration program for tech-toxic urbanites needing to reboot their nervous systems.

Explore the restorative powers of nature connection & plant medicine combined with foraged feasts & herbal tonics.

Individual consultations & presribed remedy bags.

Lypiatt Park

Change in Nature


Alchemy bar serving botanical cocktails & herbal elixirs.

Foraging talk & plant identification workshop by local forager Jonathan Cook. 

Welcome cocktail and five plant-based & wild-foraged courses.

Bodega 50


Innovative ways to eat and drink poetry through poetry pairing, edible ink printing and typographic chocolate.

Alchemy bar serving Haiku shots & Beatnik cocktails.

Spoken word artists creating poetry on the night in response to guests.

Welcome cocktail and five plant-based & wild-foraged courses.

Bodega 50