Honey Moon at Apiary Studios

In-house consultancy for the cultural programme at Apiary Studios and the food & drink menus at the Honey Moon restaurant and bar. 

Upcoming projects:


A series of radio podcasts and experiential dinners about social dreaming. We will explore the rainbow’s edge of context engineering; the dream of forms and the forms of dreaming. A discussion among artists, thinkers, magicians, movers and shakers about how we dream together and creatively weave the threads of various traditions, platforms and media.


A playful programme of exploring the interconnectivity of our surroundings and the senses, working primarily with sound and plants to capture the influence that our external environment has on our perception of taste.

The London Essence Co

Winter Forestry Campaign

Foraging talk, plant identification & alchemy workshop developing wild flavours with a group of mixologists.

A day experimenting with local, hand-picked ingredients  at 'bar makerspace' Crucible, equipped with laboratory and kitchen technology from centrifuge to vacuum distillation.  We distilled alexander stems and quince with hogweed seeds, made cobnut ice cream and a rowan berry syrup with thyme tincture.

Culture Dots

Food Trends: A multi-sensory excursion

Conversation, Plant Identification & Elixirs
"Creating culinary odysseys with hyper-local botanicals"

"Food miles and their environmental impact prompted entrepreneurial individuals to tackle the issue. The focus is now shifting towards native, home grown and seasonal produce. This resonates with health-conscious consumers who desire more natural and less processed food. Zooming in on native species also led to a rediscovery of the botanical world and the medical properties of plants and herbs. As a result, we see botanicals on cocktails menus and in luxury food supplements. Mama Xanadu aka Jemma Foster draws on botanical apothecary to create playful culinary feasts. What started as private dining events a few years ago is now evolving into an experimental culinary studio and alchemy bar. We talked  to Jemma about her unique approach to food and hospitality that combines knowledge of anthropology and plant medicine." -
Katharina Michalski, founder of Culture Dots




Foodies Against TTIP

Foodies Against TTIP a platform for chefs, restaurateurs, farm and food industry workers and all food lovers to connect and raise awareness about TTIP and protect the food on our plate. Set up by Jemma and in collaboration with War on Want, FATTIP has been evolving through the tides of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, CETA and other trade partnerships.  With the dawn of Brexit, greater vigilance on traceability and transparency in agribusiness trade negations is crucial. Not On My Plate (NOMP) is the future organisation that will aim to raise awareness in the UK around all food trade and safety standards, human rights for workers and environmental concerns.